Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Here are some pictures for the grandparents of the kids on Halloween! (Sorry they aren't clearer, I've been having issues with my camera, normally I take a better picture.)

We had a nice evening collecting the most candy the kids have ever gotten and there were only 2 houses that were unpleasant.  Liam went up to the first one and was scared to death by it- the guy at the door was very nice and took his mask off and came all the way out on the lawn to show Liam it was just pretend and give him some candy. After Liam saw it wasn't real he was good to go, but refused to walk up to anymore "scary" looking houses till we checked them out first. We ended our night having a little chat on the way home about good vs. bad costumes and scary home decor. Oh... and we had a little piece of candy as well.

The best part however was that it was 70 degrees outside and I walked around all night wearing a tank top, jeans and flip flops. :)

Katie, Evie and Liam

Liam as Iron Man!

Evie was Princess Jasmine

Katie was a fierce pirate!

Finn was a lumberjack!

Jason rounded out the group as a ninja! 
(And they must not see a lot of ninja's here as he got comments like, "Oh cool a ninja!" ALL night!)

Jason came down the driveway after going up to this house and said I had to check this guy out. I was too scared to ask him for candy as apparently he twitched creepily when giving it to you. As you can see from the video, I was a scaredy cat to even look around the corner. Liam flat out refused to go up to this house and I wouldn't have let him anyway. I wouldn't have let the girls go either, but they ran up before we could stop them. But they came back and said it was creepy but they weren't frightened. :)

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