Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh My

Oh my. I haven't posted since July! And it's January...3rd...2010. Oops.

I guess that most of you who read this blog would naturally assume that quite a lot has happened since July and you'd be right! You can think of my being busy as my ahem, excuse for not blogging.

Ok, let's catch up! (And if you want to know what happened before July, you'll just have to read my previous blog posts!)

July and August kept Jason and I pretty busy with acting performances- Jason in "The Complete Works of Shakespeare; Abridged" as one of only 3 actors who perform ALL of Shakespeare's plays in like 2 hours. And myself as "Snarlett O'Hernia" in "Left in the Breeze" a spoof of "Gone With the Wind". Jason joined me on stage as "Paisley Whelps"- spoofing, umm yeah someone. I get so confused as to what the "real" names are now...
Jason and Candy performing the "Romeo and Juliet" segment w/ a twist...

"Left in the Breeze"- me in the black wig and Jason seated

August brought around Katie's 7th birthday (where do the years go?) and major changes to her schooling. After 2 years at Our Saviour Lutheran private school, Katie joined 8 other kiddos at a "private" homeschool. Katie's teacher from 1st grade at OSLS, Mrs.McCabe, took 5 Kindergarten students and 4, 2nd graders into her home and does the COVA curriculum, an at home based Colorado public school with them. Katie is doing VERY well in school and thoroughly enjoys it!
Katie's 7th b-day - a pool party

1st day of school

September brought Liam's 2nd birthday and my birthday as well. We were able to have professional pictures taken of us in early September by our friend Will Neder. The pictures were taken to give as Christmas presents (all framed and ready to hang!) to Jason's parents as well as mine, but they are such a wonderful memory for the 5 of us too!
Brynn & Liam

In early October I once again was able to serve on the Christian Women's Retreat Committee and help organize another retreat! I have been so blessed to be able to attend such a fabulous retreat with other Christian sisters in Pagosa for the last 4 years!

October also brought around a housing change for the Earley's. Due to declining work and therefore a declining paycheck, we decided to downsize and move a bit closer into town. Going from a WONDERFUL house, back to a duplex. The lack of space has been the most difficult part (well that and the neighbor who snores so loud, we can hear him through the wall...) but the smaller monthly budget has been a blessing.

We also celebrated Evie's 5th birthday in October, having a party at our semi-packed up house a week before we moved. (I don't suggest this!) And trick or treating with Jasmine, a Lion and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Evie's 5th b-day - a costume party


November went by relatively easy with time spent adjusting to our new surroundings and spending a lovely Thanksgiving with Jason's family. Jason and I, as well as the Heavenly Father, were very pleased when Katie made the decision this November to ask the Lord to come live in her heart! Katie giving her life to Jesus was definitely a big thing to be thankful for!

December came around and found us traveling! My brother Jake graduated from the University of Arizona on December 16th and we were all able to go down to Phoenix and see him! We stayed through Christmas and spent a fabulous day with my parents and Jake at my parents home in Gold Canyon, AZ.

Jake's graduation day

The New Year found us back home in Pagosa, me braving the cold temps and everyone else enjoying them as they played in the snow!

As we are now the 3rd day into a New Year, I think back to 2009 and I am thankful it's over. Not because it was a "bad" year, it wasn't- the year was full of joy and new adventures -but because for all the fun we had, it was one of the more stressful years of my life. God taught Jason and I so much last year and we wouldn't trade our lessons for the world. But we're glad we learned them and that they are hopefully(?) over and we can move onto new lessons!

So I do believe that I've caught us up to where we need to be! I will attempt to keep everything more current over this next year!