Tuesday, May 15, 2012

time flies

Time flies when you're having fun!  Or in my case when you are busy and feel totally uninspired to sit and do an entire blog.  My cousin had recently been absent from the blogging world for a time and when I was catching up on her new post today she mentioned that her, "days are spent in small increments... increments that a quick Facebook status update can fill, but a blog entry intimidates."  Exactly.  I READ a lot of blogs and I see these moms writing away while they are busy with life and I think to myself, "I wonder how they do it?"  And then I realize that a lot of them have sponsors on their page and probably get paid to post.  If I got paid to blog I'd be more consistent with it too!

I still wonder who actually reads my blog.  I struggle over the fact that I seem to type and post just for me and that can get really boring.  So if you follow along, let me know.  I'll feel better putting together a post that I know will be seen by anyone other than myself.