Tuesday, October 12, 2010

catch up

Whoops, well it appears the last time I blogged was in June! I'm not sure who actually reads my blog, but just in case you do I'll fill you in on the last 4 months! (This could be a long update....)

July was "play in the sprinklers month" it was nice and warm here and we all just loved it!

The 4th of July rolled around again and we spent some time at the carnival.

Jason and Katie being daredevils.
Jason and Evie going for a ride!
Liam on his "horsie" ride.
I attempted to take a picture of my parents with the kids after rides.....
But someone was having attitude issues.

On Sunday (the actual 4th) we had a BBQ at my folks and then went down to watch the fireworks!

In July we also had the chance to celebrate a friends birthday Ninja style!

Every woman needs a man who doesn't mind dressing up as a Ninja and letting little boys beat him up.....

In August, Katie attended her first summer camp! Sonlight Christian Camp is a local camp that's been here for 31 years! They had kids from as far away as Hawaii and Boston attend this summer. Needless to say Katie had a blast and is already asking when I can sign her up for next summer!

Just a few short days after camp Katie celebrated her 8th birthday! It was supposed to be a pool party, but on the morning of it was raining outside, so we moved it to our house. Luckily it cleared up by the middle of the party and we sent the kids outside to play and jump on the trampoline.

The big kids getting some air time on the tramp!
Liam getting his jump on too!
The day after the "party" was Katie's actual birthday and I took the kids to the pool. My parents met me there and we had a blast soaking up some sun and playing around!

After the pool we headed over to the salon and the girls got pink highlights in their hair and Lisa painted their nails for them!

The first day of school came just one short week after Katie's birthday. Katherine Ann is in 3rd grade this year and went from a class of 4 to a class of 28. It's been an adjustment. Evora Claire is in Kindergarten, attending only half days and is doing well.

In September we took a family picnic to William's Lake! Mom and dad hadn't been up there yet this year and wanted to go before the weather got too cold. The weather was beautiful, but the water temp was pretty chilly already! Though it didn't stop the kids from getting soaked!

In mid September it was time for Colorfest! Pagosa has a large group of balloonists that launch on this weekend and I've never had the chance to take pictures up close. So this year I dragged everyone out of bed early (promising them breakfast a local restaurant afterwards!) to go see the balloons up close. The kids ended up having a good time, even though it was kind of chilly and I got some great shots.

The local hot springs!

In September we happily celebrate Liam's birthday on the 16th and mine on the 20th. And once again we combined the 2. Liam was thrilled to get a belt, motorcycle and "electric" guitar (among other things) as presents! He also enjoyed the cake!

We finally made it to October! The fall season is upon us and I snapped these shots while we were having family pictures taken. October will bring it's own round of fun, including Evie's 6th birthday and Halloween. I promise that I won't wait another 4 months to post a blog about those things, I will attempt to get them on here in the same calendar month!

I now feel that I have properly caught you all up as to what's going on in our lives! Well, now that I think about it I've missed a couple of things, but maybe I will post about them all on their own.....