Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Eve day relaxing and getting ready for the service that night.
The girls had their nails painted and hair put up in curlers! (I've discovered that HOT curlers and lots of hair spray is the only thing that keeps their hair in curls.)

Everyone all dressed up! Liam was the only downer, 
not wanting to take pictures at any point in the evening!

Pictures from the service.  I sang in the choir, Jason and I participated in a reading and the kids choir sang as well.  Katie had a little solo even!

Christmas Day!  A fun morning opening presents, followed by a yummy breakfast!!!


Katie as "Giselle" from "Enchanted" and Evie as a ballerina

Liam the Pouty Lion

Evie's 6th Birthday

We had a lovely tea party for Evie's 6th birthday! 
Sydney Olson, Sierra Liverett, Grandma Nancy and Grandma Ruth came over to celebrate with us. 
The girls customized aprons for party favors and then decorated cookies to take home. 
A great time was had by all and Evie has some wonderful memories from the day!