Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 weeks

After finding out that we are expecting a baby back in August, the count up was on to 20 weeks, that all important half way mark and the usually exciting ultrasound!  After you reach 20 weeks, the count down begins.  I have always loved being pregnant and I've had relatively easy pregnancies, but this time around I am just ready to be done.  So when I hit 30 weeks today and could said to myself, "Just 10 more to go!" (8 if I deliver early like I did with both of the girls) it was pretty exciting!

I'm not sure how some of these moms of 5, 6, 7, 8 or 19 do it!  I'm wiped out being preggo and chasing after and taking care of the other 3.  Now that I can't really get down or up off of the floor very well, it makes doing anything with Liam a little bit harder.  And the kids think it's funny to watch me roll out of bed.

Besides the whole not-being-able-to-move-well thing, it's been a pretty good pregnancy!

Here are some pictures from along the way, I'm sure there will be more to come!

it's positive!

12 weeks

16 weeks

At 20 weeks and just a week before Christmas, we had out ultrasound!  At our last 3 ultrasounds, we were there for about 30 minutes and they took their time, measuring and checking all the little things they do.  As well as making sure we had a good picture of the face, feet, hands or "defining" body parts.

At THIS ultrasound, we were in and out in about 10 minutes.  All of our pictures are fuzzy and low res and when they said that it "looked" like a boy, both Jason and I BOTH said, "Are you sure?"  We were shocked the tech could see anything at the speed she was going.  We are both still feeling a little unsure that there is another little boy in the belly, all the signs my body is giving me are "girl" - but that's what they told us!  We'll find out for sure in about 10 weeks....

this is a profile shot - looking at the right side of baby's face and 
then you can see the back curving up on the lower right side of the picture!

feet! (the pic is pretty fuzzy)

the "defining parts" picture

20 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks
(no I didn't suck in my stomach, but compared to the above pic I DO look smaller... it must be the shirt)

new blog

Because I didn't have enough to do in life already... I decided to start a new blog!

It's all about movies and actors and stuff that you probably don't really "need" to know but that I feel compelled to tell you.

Check it out and share it with your friends!

A Chick & Her Flicks - One Chick's Thoughts About Movies & Actors

memory boards

For Christmas this year I made the girls fabric memory boards!  I've always wanted one for myself and I thought, what a fun way to put little things up rather than your basic cork board/push pin combo.  So I did a little research on what you need to make them and headed to Farmington and Hobby Lobby to get my supplies. When I got there I called Jason and asked him to look up memory boards online and tell me if I needed glue or fabric adhesive or what to get it all to stick and how much fabric I needed and.... well... needless to say I didn't do enough research.  Jason was super helpful and looked it all up for me and then called with his info while I shopped for the one thing I did know I needed - cork board.

I eventually made it out of Hobby Lobby with everything and a few weeks before Christmas I made the boards up!  It wasn't as hard as I thought and even though I probably didn't put them together properly, I still think the finished product looks pretty good!

my supplies!
cork board, push pins, fabric, ribbon, quilting cotton

spray adhesive is from the Devil....

all sprayed up and pinned to the board

I remembered to iron the fabric before I put it on all wrinkled!

two boards ready for fabric

my fabric cut and ready to attach

all wrapped up like a pretty package

the spray adhesive didn't hold it down so I stapled it on tightly

the ribbons on and pushed in 

the pretty fabric covers I glued on to cover the brass push pins

both boards ready to go

happy girls!