Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Have you heard of Pinterest?  If you have not let me enlighten you.

It's an online site that allows you to find, pin or re-pin and organize all sorts of random stuff.  Or better put, "pin-ter-est (n.) A fun reminder of the clothes I will never afford/fit into, the home decor I will never afford/fit into our small home, the recipes and crafts I am too lazy to ever make, the sayings I wasn't clever enough to think of on my own, the photos I wish I had taken but didn't."

It's a wonderful way to waste spend time (something I don't have) and I am in love with it.

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Even though the above saying is mostly true for me (and no, I didn't think of it, I found it on Pinterest...) not all of it applies.

I'm not very lazy about making crafts or cooking- they are two things I really love to do.  So finding crafty ideas that I can afford or a new recipe to try is a real joy for me.

One thing that I found on there was a post about making and storing salads in a mason jar.  I've stored salad in tupperware before but it spoils rather quickly.  I thought this was a fabulous idea as whatever I put in my mason jars appears to stay fresh a lot longer, as they seal better in my opinion!  I love salads but I hate making them every day and I would eat one everyday if it wasn't such a pain.  Tada!  Pinterest.

I saw 2 different blogs about salad jars, on one of them she vacuumed packed her jars and the other didn't.  Since I don't have a way to vacuum pack my jars I decided to just wing it and see how long everything stays fresh.  I did however decide that I should buy a salad spinner to get as much moisture off the lettuce before I "canned" it.  Hello!  10 minute road trip to Ikea!  Introducing my $3 salad spinner-

A fresh bunch of red leaf lettuce, a bunch of spinach, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green onion and celery (I know, I'm not very exciting) an hour of my time and I've got 8 jars of salad ready to go.

5 are just a lettuce/spinach mix, but 2 I made special for Jason: a balsamic dressing at the very bottom and some things like raw onions, mushrooms and avocado in his jars and let me just say, he was THRILLED to grab a jar and a fork and head out the door to work this morning!  All he has to do is shake it up at lunch time and he's got a much better alternative to a PB&J sandwich.

I made 3 for myself with the list of ingredients at the top and I just dump it all on a plate, add a little bit of Italian dressing and eat it up!

I'm slowly consuming one now as I work on this blog!

I'm looking forward to trying other things on Pinterest and I'm sure you'll see more blogs with that in mind!  As "they" (whoever "they" are) say, Happy Pinning!

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Amy said...

Awesome! I love this pin. Let me know if it really works. I have been wanting to try it as well!