Thursday, October 27, 2011

new apartment

Well, we are pretty settled in our new apartment! It has 3 bedrooms which is lovely! The girls are in their own room and then both boys will eventually be in a room together. For now Finn is still in his bassinet in the master bedroom and we are trying to find a mini crib for the boys room to use the space efficiently. There are 2 things I miss about being in a little apartment. #1 is my dining room table. We have a bar and barstools to eat at for the next year and I miss all of us being able to sit at the same table. #2, I miss some of the things in storage like ALL of my stamp and craft items. As soon as we can afford some new bookshelves (we sold the first set we had so we had more $ to move) we are going to purchase a couple and put them in the master bedroom where there is space and I will get all of that over here. Here are some pictures of the new place!

View from the front door looking in.

Our little living room.

The kitchen and "dining" area (this kitchen is huge compared to the one in Pagosa.)

Office area.

The boys room (Liam LOVES all the space he has right now!)

Girls room (they love not being in bunk beds anymore.)

Master bedroom

Nice big closet for Jason and I, our last one was tiny and there was so much crammed in it, I could have been on Hoarders. The goal is to not have this closet wind up like the last one.

Master bedroom closet


Ronnie said...

VERY cute! I love the kitchen!!! Kestra has the same bedspread as your girls - love it!

Amy said...

so cute. I LOVE your shower curtain and the girls bed!! Ahh so cute!! Looks like a great apartment!