Friday, April 3, 2009

random musings

Does anyone read this blog?  I have no idea.  No one ever comments on it, or tells me in person that they read it.  Do I sit here any type just for practice?  Give me a shout out so I know I'm not just sitting here working on my spelling and grammar.  And buckle up, this post is all over the place.....   

I take all these quizzes on Facebook and it makes me think- about stuff.  I took one today to see how much of a "TRUE Pacific Northwesterner" I was and I am "Pure Pacific Northwest Product. You understand intimately the life and loves of the Pacific Northwest.  If you haven't lived here your whole life, you have the intimate soul of a lifetime resident."  Amazing.  I've never even been to the Pacific Northwest.  I probably got that result because I actually know what a Geoduck (pronounced "gooey-duck") is, but I only know that because I watch Dirty Jobs.  However, for some strange reason this odd test made me feel really good.  Jason and I have been talking for a few years about moving to Oregon or Washington (to some town close to the ocean!) and everyone always tells us that we'd hate it because it rains a lot.  Well duh.  Anyway.  I love the rain, moving to Seattle or someplace like that is the perfect excuse for me to buy some wellies, a cute raincoat and a fabulous umbrella.  I like drizzle.  I love eating fish.  Coffee is the only thing I don't do, but I could try.  I have stated for the last 10 years or so that I hate moving.  We did it a lot as a kid and I never really minded till I was in my teens.  Then I felt I needed roots.  But how do I feel about it now?  As I am typing it's starting to snow, again.  I seriously wonder when it will stop this year.  My loving husband said that we might get between 8-16" in this storm!  Not exactly what I like to hear at 7 in the morning.  Does my serious physical dislike of where I am now, spawn the desire to move to a new place?  Would I be just as restless as I am now, someplace else?  I wonder if it's my spiritual being that's unsettled?  Do I require a deeper walk with the Lord?  Well, who doesn't?  Maybe this is what's making me feel empty?  Wow.  For me this is deep.  I have felt very satisfied in my walk.  But maybe I'm not.....  My screen saver is pictures of exotic beaches.  I love the beach!  I wish I was sitting and listening to the waves crash upon the shore right now.  "I don't have to worry any more.  If I really need You I'll go to the shore.  And the thought of You there is my protection.  -  I see it right in front of me.  A vision in my head.  And I know this is as real as a daydream gets.  -  You make no sound, but I can hear You in the wind.  I can see this never ends.  Like the sea.  Like You for me."  Oh look!  The sun just came out.