Friday, May 30, 2008

last day of school

Katherine Ann Earley has successfully completed her first year of school as of 12:00, May 30th! We all started off the year thinking that might not happen. But Katie greatly exceeded our expectations and was a good student who learned a lot and was awarded with an Excellence In Musical Performance certificate for the year. She will be attending Our Saviour Lutheran again next year for 1st grade, but for now we all get a break! The pictures are from her first and last day of school and Spring musical, "J-Force to the Rescue!"

Friday, May 23, 2008


I was in charge of balloons for a surprise party for Katie's teacher today and it was fun to see Liam and Evie's reactions to them.

Evie LOVES balloons, always has, she was ecstatic that I gave her 2!

Liam has never seen a balloon. Watching him with them was fun! He was fine while he had a hold of it, but as soon as he let go, it was major cry time.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Right around Christmas time, Katie said that she wanted to start going to ballet class with her girlfriend Anika. I signed her up and inquired about the adult classes. (Thinking to myself that it would be great excercise, but that I would probably never actually go.) I mean who really wants to wear pink tights and a leotard twice a week? Needless to say after 10 years, I started taking ballet classes again. After attending for just a month or so, my teacher asked if we (meaning the "older" students) would be in the Spring Recital. We jokingly told her, "Oh yeah, sure" and then didn't really think anything of it. A few more weeks go by and we are asked seriously if we would participate. So I tell one gal, if you'll do it, I'll do it... so we do it. Going out in front of lots of people after not dancing for 10 years, having only 4 months of classes and 7 months after having a baby can be a bit terrifying. Imagine the possibilities for disaster? But the performance went well and the kids stole the show, as they should! Katie looking as beautiful as ever! And I didn't fall down....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, today was the first time Evie has had an x-ray. It was a mile stone for both of us, as she is the first child to need such a thing. I figured that she would be. If you can climb it, swing on it, run on it, or jump off of it, Evie is there. This time it was the trampoline that did her in. She told me all she was doing was playing tag and fell down. After 2 days of not walking, I decided that she needed to see Dr. Dan. Dr. Dan informed us that we were gonna get to take a picture of Evie's leg! So exciting! Or not. After much drama the report came back that there were no fractures. Thank goodness. The choices now available for transportation at home, are to get up and walk or crawl to desired destination. Mommie is no longer a pack horse.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Family Pictures

It's a tragedy that we cannot seem to ever take a decent family picture. Ever. Point in case the one that I have posted along with this blog. How hard is it for seven people to stand in their Sunday best, look into the sun and wind and take a picture? It doesn't make it any easier when your 3 year old has such an aversion to being photographed lately that she throws a tantrum if she even sees the camera. Katie, our glamour model, is always a willing participant of picture taking. This is not her best. My mother makes an interesting study. What she must have been thinking at this moment in time....
And Jason. Does the man ever not squint? I myself can only say, "Next time do better," in regards for my appearance.

Well, in a few months we will undoubtedly try again. And again.