Friday, April 19, 2013

finnegan patrick turns two

When we moved in to the house and all the books were unpacked, the kids were excited to see a stack of 4 baby albums.  They are the kind of memory books where you can put pictures of special moments and there are lots and lots of lines for writing down all those first words and making note of foods liked and disliked, etc.  But as the kids sat and flipped through their books together they noticed one thing.  Katie's is full of information, Evie's is decent, Liam's is ok and Finn's is practically empty.  My best intentions to religiously fill those suckers out crashed and burned.

I see other mom's who have perfect books and detail every-single-thing their kid does in blogs and I wonder how they do it.  It's not that I don't care or want to record these things, I just plain forget to write it down amongst the business of everyday life.

Since I am so lacking in the Finn memory department, I felt a blog was in order.  So for the last few weeks I've paid close attention to the words he can say, things he can do, foods he will or will not eat and today (on his 2nd birthday) I weighed and measured him for the record.  I know a short post can't begin to describe everything about him, but here is a little about Finn!

Finnegan Patrick
Age 2
25 lbs.
34 1/4" tall

Finn is our tiny guy!  Believe it or not, he can still fit into a pair of 6-12 month shorts I found in his drawer!  Though his current wardrobe is mostly sized 18 months.

Finn can count to 5 in order, then we usually skip to 11, 15, 8...

He can say over 60 words!  I have no idea if this is more or less than he should be saying at this age, but only Katie talked as much as Finn does at this time.

Some of his favorite "sentences" are:
Mommy, watch!
Daddy, look!
I love you!
OH! I'm coming!
Let go!  Mine!

He loves animals and will most often tell you what the animal is and make its sound as we drive by it or see it in a book.  His favorite stuffed animal is a monkey.  

Finn will try any kind of food.  He is always asking for bites of what Jason and I have on our plates, even when we show him he has the same thing on his plate.  His new favorite is "creamy" (ice cream) and if you get anything out of the freezer he WILL hear you and will run, screaming "creamy! creamy!" from where ever he is at.

Finn is obsessed with: Hair
He loves to watch me do my hair and is always pretending to straighten his already straight hair with Evie's toy plastic flat iron.  He carries it around with him and will attempt to "straighten" my, Katie, Evie's and even Jason's hair.  He will try to straighten the cabbage patch dolls hair.  The barbie's hair.  He loves hair.  (He also loves to hold my face in his hands and softly say, "pretty.")  

Finn is a crazy bundle of energy, always running and jumping.  He loves to explore and play and drive his trucks around.  He is a happy, loving little guy who MUST give kisses and "huggies" before anyone leaves the house and at bedtime.  
And we are blessed to have him!