Monday, October 3, 2011

fun times in austin!

We are finding that there is a lot of free or low cost things to do here in Austin.  Or they are food related and since you've got to eat....

One thing that we discovered is the Williamson County Park. It's 800 acres and has tennis courts, a track and field, soccer fields, a disc golf course, a train that runs the whole property and a super cool splash pad.

We've gone about 4 times out to the splash pad, it's $1 per person, but so worth the price.  This last Saturday we went for a few hours, took our lunch and just hung out.  It was the most relaxing, fun, easy going day.  It's supposed to shut down this week for "winter" which blows my mind as it's still in the 90's here.  But the pool at our apartment is still open, so we'll just go over there for a cool off if we need to!

Here are some pictures of the Quarry Splash Pad!

On one side you have the water area....

And on the other, the sandy area!

A cool rock slide!

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Ronnie said...

How fun! I will have to come visit next it!