Monday, October 3, 2011

whoa baby!

Finn has reached that age in life where he needs some sort of high chair or will very shortly.  So I was looking online today for some ideas and to see what I want and my browsing brought on shock and awe.

There is some expensive baby stuff in this world!

Now, there are two types of expensive.

#1- the you've-got-more-money-than-you-know-what-to-do-with expensive


#2- the out-of-price-range-for-the-normal-person expensive.

Examples of #1:

Sibi Henry IV Convertible High Chair

This is not a high chair you let your 18 month old eat spaghetti in.

Kid Kustoms' "The Roddler"
custom- STARTS at $3500

For this much money the thing had better move under it's own power, steer itself, put baby in and take it out when the "walk" is over.  Comes with an ipod doc and DVD player.

Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag
Because who doesn't want spilled formula, crushed up Cheerios and poopy clothes in their uber expensive diaper bag?  Seriously, that's like 2 months rent for me.

Now that you're shocked over the ridiculousness of these items, I give you examples of #2.

Bloom Fresco High Chair
Ok, so this is kinda cool.  Still out of my budget, but nevertheless... cool.

Bloom Baby Bouncer
IF and that's a HUGE if, I had the money I'd buy this.  I love me some contemporary styled things and I love the look of this bouncer.  So I think that someone should copy it and make it in the normal person's affordability range.  :)

Mia Bossi Diaper Bag
Leather and fabric stitched together.  But some bags cost $20 and some $480.

Phil and Ted's Vibe Buggy

All strollers are created equal.  They are all a pain to fold, carry, store and set up.  They are all made of metal & plastic and feature similar types of fabric.  Why some are more expensive than others I will never understand.

Lil' Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa & Shower
This is not on here for the fact that it's $70 - though that is a contributing factor as you can go to Ikea (they get their stuff shipped in from Sweden!) and get a baby bath for $6.99 - but for the really? factor.  Really?

Now, out of all my time browsing there was one item, one thing that had I the funds to afford I would have purchased in an instant.  Anyone who has dealt with a colicy baby might agree with me.

4moms Mamaroo Plush
(You have to watch the demo video on the site.  Linked HERE)

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these items as much as I enjoyed looking at them!

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Ronnie said...

One word: GLAD I am done with babies or I would seriously want to try to get some of that! LOL...the spa bath is the best? Seriously? Ha ha ha!!