Sunday, September 28, 2008

wedding pictures

Jason and I have been married for 6 years and while I have had a few pictures from our wedding printed, I had quite a few more that I have never had the money to develop. I have never actually liked most of my wedding pictures. They guy we chose presented a beautiful album of previous work and my dad and I (the ones who saw his portfolio) decided that he was great! He then did a really bad job at my wedding. Shadows and such, and fuzzy, unbalanced pictures. However, he did turn over all the negatives to us and my parents decided to put the negatives onto a disc so that we could all have copies and print them at our will. This was a wonderful idea till the gal who copied them reversed the images and then loaded them in low resolution. They look "ok" online so I have included a few for my blog. Hopefully my dad can take the negatives to AZ and have them more "professionally" loaded onto a disc and THEN we can all really enjoy remembering that day!

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