Tuesday, September 2, 2008

fairies, flowers & princesses

Evie is really into fairies and flowers and anything to do with princesses lately. She didn't even have to think about what she wanted for her face paint at the fair, a butterfly!
She is my girlie-girl. Katie enjoys a good dress-up romp, but Evie is my purse toting, heel wearing, make-up applying child. She asked for a fairy party for her birthday in October and the items to make her day special have been trickling in lately. It's so hard to tell a 3 year old that she has to wait. The fact that Katie, Liam, myself and my mom all have birthdays before hers doesn't help any either. Her dress arrived in the mail last week. I found this great deal on eBay for dress, wings and headband for under $40! Wahooo! The gal making it said it could be customized to any color, size, etc. Evie LOVES purple. So the dress is purple. She looks so cute in it! But once again, I had to explain that her birthday is still a ways away. "It's ok," she says, "Just buy me the princess Barbie at the grocery store now Mommy..."

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