Monday, August 26, 2013

the last day of school

The last day of school is always one to spend in contemplation of how much your children grew from their first day of school picture to their last.  Mine changed so much they look like two new children!

Evie September 2012

Evie June 2013

Katie September 2012

Katie June 2013

It's also a day to say an extra thank you to those teachers who spent so much time investing in your kids.  It's always a challenge to give them something that they will like, that isn't tacky or too cheap/out of my budget.  This year I got each teacher a cool reusable bag with a beach towel, mini sunscreen, water bottle, homemade granola and a Better Homes and Gardens magazine (cause Katie felt everyone likes that magazine.)  Evie had one teacher this year, Katie two and both girls said their teachers were genuinely pleased with their gifts.  (Yay!)

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