Saturday, June 11, 2011


Your life is defined by opportunities....

I'm headed home.  Well, I'm headed back to the place I was born.  Jason and I feel that God is leading us to Austin, Texas.  At least that's what we hope we're being told....

4 days before Finn was born Jason lost his "steady" full time job due to being a man of integrity. It was hard for both of us to make a decision that basically resulted in Jason firing himself from the company he worked for, but we felt that by standing up for what was right, we'd come out ahead in life.

The day Jason lost his job I started sending out resumes.  We looked at Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Florida, Utah and Texas.  We got immediate response from a guy in Florida who really wanted to speak with Jason and then when they missed each other on the phone twice, that turned into a "see you in person" request that we had to turn down as Finn was a day old when the request came in.  We asked if a telephone interview could be conducted and never heard back from the guy... I was crushed as *I* wanted to move back to Naples.  I love the ocean and beach and had just figured that's where we would wind up!

But a couple of weeks ago Jason was looking at help wanted ad's in Texas and called on one in Austin.  He spoke with the owner in the morning and asked me that afternoon to email them his resume.  I did and they called Jason about 10 minutes after they got my email and asked how soon could he come down and interview.

Jason just got home Thursday morning from being in Austin for 4 days.  He has 3 offers- 1 is dependent upon him attaining his Journeyman license here in CO, 1 is a "as soon as you get here I will hire you" offer, 1 is open ended and not as firm, but still an offer.  And he got a call at 7:30 Thursday morning from another company who is interested in him and wants him to come interview once we get there. (So that's a total of 4 and there are still more companies he applied to that we could potentially hear back from!)

So we need to get there.  Because of the Lord's providing hand moving in our families hearts, friends lives and our church family we were able to pay the bills and buy groceries in May.  Without the monetary gifts they gave us, we would not have made it (the winter season in Pagosa ate our savings.)  June is shaping up to be a better month and for that, we are grateful to the Lord for providing.  But plumbing work is really drying up here (ha...ha) and Jason is not getting the amount of work he needs to, so that we can stay.

Jason and I have "tried" to move for the last 4 years.  We've sent out resumes all over the U.S., but we never really planned TO go.  Every year things have opened up to stay - we've gotten a new job or our housing situation was remedied.  We made the decision to trust in the Lord, that no matter how hard it would be, that we WERE going to move (someplace) this summer- the place He wanted us.  As soon as we did the calls started coming in, in response to the resumes we sent out in the last month.

We still have some hurdles to jump!  The state is being a pain and has told Jason he is short in his hours, by 6 weeks, to qualify to test for his Journeyman license.  We're sort of shocked that they are telling him no because of a 6 week difference.  The man has worked 5 years in the plumbing trade in CO and this is annoying.  So we're trying to see what can be done and praying that the Lord works it all out as it's very important Jason attain this license before we move.

We should know by the end of next week what's going to happen with that and then we will set an "official" moving date.  But for now, it's going to be sometime between July 10th and August 1st.

I moved every 4 years as a kid, but I've lived in Pagosa for the last 15 years, Jason for 17.  As annoying as it can be sometimes, I've gotten used to the small town life.  No busy, confusing highways.  No shopping temptations!  Not having to pick a grocery store as there is only one in town.  We LOVE our church family.  We LOVE our friends.  It's going to be hard for us to leave and I've been in a sort of denial about it.  The emotional stress of leaving something I've known for so long is going to be difficult on me.  I've been telling people individually that yes, we're moving, but I haven't actually posted it on Facebook or anything.  Because of course, once it's on Facebook, it's official....  :P

But it's time.  I need to start hugging and crying it out when I see those I'm leaving.

We're moving.


Hope said...

Congratulations!! I'm SO excited for you guys! I'll be praying and the Lord plants you in a new home!

Anonymous said...

How exciting Brynn!!! I love seeing how the Lord is opening up the door for you. Sometimes He only shows us one step at a time so we can learn to trust Him - step at a time you trust! Move there and leave the rest up to Him!!! Excited for you!!!

Amy said...

im really happy for you guys and this new adventure!