Monday, July 27, 2009

shepherd lead us

I was driving home this afternoon from running errands, feeling frustrated, hoping that we didn't bounce any checks as there was a slight delay in getting paid for the last 2 weeks and I heard this song come on the radio.  I always hear songs I like, but always miss who they are by or what the title is.  So after the song was over I made sure to turn the volume WAY up (I needed to hear over the loud children I have) so I could catch who the song was by.  "Shepherd" by Ian Eskelin.  Psalm 23 is one of my favorite passages of scripture, so this song is now an instant favorite of mine.  

Shepherd by Ian Eskelin

You bring me to quiet pastures.  And to where still waters flow.  You are mighty yet so tender.  I can rest because I know. 

Chorus: I’m safe in Your care, each day my prayer is Shepherd guard me, Shepherd guide me, Shepherd ever close beside me.  I will follow where You lead me, Jesus. 

Shepherd lead. 

When I’m weary You restore me.  All I’m needing You provide.  I will never want or worry.  Lord my soul is satisfied.

Chorus 2x

Shepherd lead.

Safe in Your care, each day my prayer…

Chorus- Shepherd guard me….

Shepherd lead.  Shepherd lead.

Jason and I have been praying about moving to Austin, Texas this August, but we've been struggling about God's direction.  Jason and I had decided that if God led us to Texas, we'd follow.  And if He opened the doors to stay here, we'd stay.  But we weren't getting any real definite answers.  Some things here tanked, some stuff there sounded good.  Some areas here opened up, some places there didn't.  What to do and where to go?  We've had more prayer requests lately than praises!  But the biggest request we had was a job.  We sent out about 30 resumes and heard nothing- for about 6 weeks.  We then decided to call the best looking prospects.  But lo and behold before we call anywhere we get an email with a job offer the same week we get an offer to rent a house that is sort of in the area we want to be.  2 or 3 days after we get these offers they both bomb in the same day.  The job was too far from where the house was, but we said we'd move to where the job was.  The job then tells us that they want someone with 5+ years experience, not 4+.  Bummer.  We then find out that the house- even though it sounds nice- is over 30 years old and "a bit out in the boonies."  Now, I do not want to sound stuck up, but the whole point in moving to the city, is to be in the city!  Or at least a suburb of the city.  So we decided that the house was too far out and we really should look at a more central location, especially since we had been applying for service repairman jobs in HVAC.  Jason still  has to call a few places, we are not going to assume that God is telling us NO on TX from just one job falling through, but it's looking more and more like we will be here for the next year.  This makes me both happy and sad.  Of course the happy part is that we don't have to leave our friends and we get to still enjoy our church family!!!  But as you know I do not like winter, though I can deal with it if I must.  It won't kill me.  So that's the sad part- winter and the fact that I was REALLY looking forward to living in the city.  Really looking forward to it....

All through these last few months, Jason and I have fervently prayed that God would show us and lead us to where we needed to be.  Where He could use us to the fullest of His glory.  And if we stay here or go there, we still aren't sure what God will have us do.  And we still aren't sure how we will pay the bills, but we know if we trust the Father, He will provide all we need.  So we let the Shepherd lead us.    

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Linda said...

Thanks for the link to your blog, Brynn. The only time I read ANYONE'S blog is when they send me a reminder, lol.
My only comment is that living in the city can provide many temptations to those who like to shop, haha.
Thanks for sharing.
Love ya!