Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July weekend and rachel's wedding

The 4th of July weekend was crazy busy!  On Friday we all went to dinner at my parent's home and then all 8 of us (the 5 Earley's, mom and dad and my brother Jake) went down to the carnival.  After we got home at 10, I left and took some paper lanterns to the reception hall for Jason's sister.  And I didn't get to bed till midnight.  Yawn.  

Liam on his first carnival ride!

Katie & Savannah 

This was right before his feet stuck and he did a flip!

The next day was the 4th of July and Jason's little sister, Rachel, got married that evening to Dusty Higgins.  I was privileged to do Rachel's hair and make-up and everyone thought she looked just lovely.  (Not because of my skills with the "paint" mind you, but because Rach is just naturally very pretty.)  Katie and Evie were the flower girls and did a very good job at spreading their petals down the aisle.  The ceremony was THE shortest one I have ever witnessed, lasting less than 10 minutes. But after it was done there was a wonderful dinner and dancing.  And I mean dancing!  Till about 12:30 am Jason and I danced!  After the ceremony was over the girls went to my parents house and they took them to the fireworks.  Then dad took them home, relieved the babysitter who had been watching Liam since about 6:30 (a 7 pm wedding is too late for a 2 year old who goes to bed at 7 pm) put the girls down for the night and then watched golf till Jase and I came home at 1 am.  We had a TON of fun, but didn't get to be till 2 am!  Yawn, yawn.

A few of the photos I took

Dusty, Rachel and my MIL, Ruth

Beautiful flower girls!

We were tired, but still managed to be up and at church by 8:30 the next morning and then have youth group at our house that Sunday night.  Yawn, yawn, yawn!  And Monday morning K & E had to be at swim lessons by 9! 

YAWN!  I took a nap Monday afternoon....

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