Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine's day party

Well this blog has taken me forever to post, but it was fun and a cool idea so here it is. Just a bit after the fact...

So I was snuggling with the Evie just the other day and she said that she wanted a party for Valentine's Day. She requested a red table cloth, balloons, pink lemonade, flowers, cake, ice cream, presents, V-day cards and she wanted to play games. I figured, why not? I am my own party supply store, I even have my own small helium tank, so fulfilling these requests was not a problem. Jason blew up pink and purple balloons for the girls and a blue one for Liam. I dug out a red paper table cloth that I had in the cabinet, set the table with real dishes (not the plastic ones from Ikea that the kids usually get,) put on some taper candles, folded some cloth napkins in a "fancy" way, and thanks to the roses I got from my hubby the table looked pretty nice. We also let the girls dress up for their dinner party which was made up of just the 5 of us. I made roasted rosemary-garlic-lemon chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and green beans for dinner, obviously accompanied by pink lemonade. And then we had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing AND chocolate ice cream for desert! After dinner we played the Disney memory game and the even though it took an hour, we all had fun matching up the cards. The girls had opened cards from Jason and I and grandma and grandpa before dinner, all that was missing from Evie's list were presents. But that's ok. I think that even without the presents they had a good time!

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sherry said...

this is a great idea! That pic of katie sucking on the straw reminds me so much of your profile!