Friday, April 3, 2009

random musings

Does anyone read this blog?  I have no idea.  No one ever comments on it, or tells me in person that they read it.  Do I sit here any type just for practice?  Give me a shout out so I know I'm not just sitting here working on my spelling and grammar.  And buckle up, this post is all over the place.....   

I take all these quizzes on Facebook and it makes me think- about stuff.  I took one today to see how much of a "TRUE Pacific Northwesterner" I was and I am "Pure Pacific Northwest Product. You understand intimately the life and loves of the Pacific Northwest.  If you haven't lived here your whole life, you have the intimate soul of a lifetime resident."  Amazing.  I've never even been to the Pacific Northwest.  I probably got that result because I actually know what a Geoduck (pronounced "gooey-duck") is, but I only know that because I watch Dirty Jobs.  However, for some strange reason this odd test made me feel really good.  Jason and I have been talking for a few years about moving to Oregon or Washington (to some town close to the ocean!) and everyone always tells us that we'd hate it because it rains a lot.  Well duh.  Anyway.  I love the rain, moving to Seattle or someplace like that is the perfect excuse for me to buy some wellies, a cute raincoat and a fabulous umbrella.  I like drizzle.  I love eating fish.  Coffee is the only thing I don't do, but I could try.  I have stated for the last 10 years or so that I hate moving.  We did it a lot as a kid and I never really minded till I was in my teens.  Then I felt I needed roots.  But how do I feel about it now?  As I am typing it's starting to snow, again.  I seriously wonder when it will stop this year.  My loving husband said that we might get between 8-16" in this storm!  Not exactly what I like to hear at 7 in the morning.  Does my serious physical dislike of where I am now, spawn the desire to move to a new place?  Would I be just as restless as I am now, someplace else?  I wonder if it's my spiritual being that's unsettled?  Do I require a deeper walk with the Lord?  Well, who doesn't?  Maybe this is what's making me feel empty?  Wow.  For me this is deep.  I have felt very satisfied in my walk.  But maybe I'm not.....  My screen saver is pictures of exotic beaches.  I love the beach!  I wish I was sitting and listening to the waves crash upon the shore right now.  "I don't have to worry any more.  If I really need You I'll go to the shore.  And the thought of You there is my protection.  -  I see it right in front of me.  A vision in my head.  And I know this is as real as a daydream gets.  -  You make no sound, but I can hear You in the wind.  I can see this never ends.  Like the sea.  Like You for me."  Oh look!  The sun just came out.

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Hope said...

There we go! ... yay comments! :) The Pacific Northwest Rocks. We live in Tacoma (40 min S. of Seattle) ... and just above the Puget Sound. This while area is beautiful. We are constantly in awe of the scenery!!!