Tuesday, June 24, 2008

british soccer camp

Katie attended the Challenger British Soccer Camp last week! She had a blast! Not only did she learn fun games that incorporated valuable soccer skills, but she also had lessons on the British culture. She had to draw a picture of the English flag (not to be confused with the Union Jack as Mum discovered) and on Friday she was to dress up in wacky fashion and support her team! (That's what the face paint and crazy hat were for.)
It was a lot of fun to listen to her coaches speak and hear the different words that they used. Katie loves to tell people that she knows what "bangers and mash" are ~ sausages and mashed potatoes. And she now calls the shopping cart a "trolley." Her coaches were both named Matt and they were both wonderful! The Coaches Matt had obviously had experience with "young ones" and I was amazed at their skills of organization and discipline.

Grandpa Russ helped Katie try on her boots, or cleats, for the first time and showed her how to get her shin guards on and what they were for. After she was all ready to go, Grandpa said, "Now stand still and I am going to kick you as hard as I can!" Katie withered him with one look and said, "I don't think so." (She didn't quite get that Grandpa was just kidding.) Grandpa was a very good soccer player back in the day and he (and mommy) are happy to see Katie enjoying the sport.

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