Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 years

Jason and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on June 1st. We didn't actually go do anything to celebrate by ourselves till the following weekend, but everyone at our Bible study gave us flowers and they got a cake that said, "Happy Anniversary" on it that night. How sweet! We did go out and enjoy a lovely evening of appetizers and dessert at JJ's Restaurant the weekend after our anniversary. A good friend of mine was bar tending that night and she told our server that we were there to celebrate our anniversary. The waitress commented that we weren't too snugly considering why we were there, that we looked kind of sleepy. My friend said that we had 3 kids and were happy to just sit. Being sleepy is a side effect of not taking 3 children out to dinner with you. You have nothing to do. No one to stop from eating butter, or crawling under the table or spitting something out of their mouth and therefore you get somewhat dazed. All in all it was a nice time of just us. Maybe next year we can make it an over night time of just us...

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