Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, today was the first time Evie has had an x-ray. It was a mile stone for both of us, as she is the first child to need such a thing. I figured that she would be. If you can climb it, swing on it, run on it, or jump off of it, Evie is there. This time it was the trampoline that did her in. She told me all she was doing was playing tag and fell down. After 2 days of not walking, I decided that she needed to see Dr. Dan. Dr. Dan informed us that we were gonna get to take a picture of Evie's leg! So exciting! Or not. After much drama the report came back that there were no fractures. Thank goodness. The choices now available for transportation at home, are to get up and walk or crawl to desired destination. Mommie is no longer a pack horse.

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