Friday, May 16, 2008


Right around Christmas time, Katie said that she wanted to start going to ballet class with her girlfriend Anika. I signed her up and inquired about the adult classes. (Thinking to myself that it would be great excercise, but that I would probably never actually go.) I mean who really wants to wear pink tights and a leotard twice a week? Needless to say after 10 years, I started taking ballet classes again. After attending for just a month or so, my teacher asked if we (meaning the "older" students) would be in the Spring Recital. We jokingly told her, "Oh yeah, sure" and then didn't really think anything of it. A few more weeks go by and we are asked seriously if we would participate. So I tell one gal, if you'll do it, I'll do it... so we do it. Going out in front of lots of people after not dancing for 10 years, having only 4 months of classes and 7 months after having a baby can be a bit terrifying. Imagine the possibilities for disaster? But the performance went well and the kids stole the show, as they should! Katie looking as beautiful as ever! And I didn't fall down....

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