Friday, September 9, 2011

one month

Sunday, July 31st- we move everything we own out of our duplex and into a storage unit. Jason, myself, as well as John and Connie Pringle- clean, paint, clean, move more stuff, clean, fix holes in wall, clean.... all on this day.

August 1st-6th- all 6 of us live with my parents for a week at their home which is in the process of being sold. Only rough day was when it was being inspected and I had to be out with all the kids from 9am to 2pm. My day was so crazy that I was gone from 8am to 5pm. I've never gone up and down Putt HIll so many times.

Saturday, August 6th- we drive to Durango and get our moving truck and trailer. We drive back and Jason helps load the truck for an hour before he drives back to Durango to take his Journeyman Plumbing License test. My dad and I, along with 6 wonderful friends finish loading the truck in a few hours. Jason and Dad finish loading the van on the trailer that evening.

Sunday, August 7th- we leave at 7am for Austin, Texas.

Monday, August 8th- we arrive at 7am in Austin, Texas.

Feels like the longest 24 hours of my life.

Monday, August 8th- we check into our one room, extended stay motel. It's not all it's supposed to be.

Tuesday, August 10th (morning)- we move everything we own into a storage unit. Again.
Tuesday, August 10th (afternoon)- Jason interviews with Radiant Plumbing for a permanent position.

Wednesday, August 11th- we drive around looking at apartments and find one that has an opening in 3 days. All the others have no availability for weeks.  I decide that now is a good time to get a nasty head cold.

Thursday, August 12th- Jason interviews twice more on this same day and gets the job!  Liz and Jamie take us out to dinner to celebrate!

Friday, August 13th- Jason starts his new job at 7am. So he leaves the hotel at 6:30am.

Saturday, August 14th- we sign a lease for our new apartment!

Wednesday, August 17th- Jason is at work, I move everything out of the motel and into our new apartment. The kids and I go to Target and get Katie a cake as it's her 9th birthday today. Liz and Jamie  come to have cake and pizza in honor of Katie and then Jason and Jamie move all the really heavy stuff out of storage.

Thursday, August 18th- I get up, get ready and take all the kids to register the girls for school. Find out they are short one immunization shot each and we go get that at the "ready clinic." Go back to the school to finish registering them. Go back again (by myself with all 4 kids) to the school that night for "open house" to meet the girls teachers and see where their classes are. Finn starts screaming in Evie's class- I am super embarrassed.

Friday, August 19th- it's tax free weekend! We go shopping for school supplies. Jason moves more stuff at night.

Saturday, August 20th- still tax free, so we go shopping for school clothes. Jason moves more stuff at night.

Monday, August 22nd- at 7:30am Katie starts 4th grade, Evie starts 1st. Jason finally finishes getting things over to the apartment that night.

Tuesday, August 23rd- I sit around with Finn and Liam watching movies.... all day. Fast food for dinner.

August 24th - September 2nd- Life happens. It includes me throwing my back out and finding a new chiropractor.

Saturday, September 3rd- we move half of what we own from a large storage unit, to a smaller storage unit. I hate moving.

Monday, September 5th- we take a day off and go have fun at Barton Springs with Liz and Jamie.  We have officially been in Texas for a month.

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Ronnie said...

Such a fun and busy month it has been for you guys!!! Praying that perhaps you can settle into somewhat of a "normal" routine! I know it took me the first month to really get it all figured out - then school started and I had to find the new "normal" Ha!!!