Saturday, June 5, 2010

1st haircut- by a professional

Well just the other day I attempted to give Liam a hair cut and it didn't go so well. I've been cutting his hair for 2 years, but this time around he wouldn't sit still and screamed the entire time. Needless to say, his hair came out looking pretty lopsided, so I asked a friend if she'd buzz his head for me (she does her own son's hair) but she suggested that I take him down to the barber and just have him trim it for me! So Jason and Liam had a guys morning, they went to the barber downtown and both of them got haircuts! I do miss Liam's "bowl cut" it made him look more like a "baby" - I get so sad when my babies turn into big kids. But it's a super cute cut and Jason said that he handled getting it done like a man! Only crying right at the very end when the barber asked him to put his head down so he could see his neck. Here's some pics from the monumental occasion of no longer having to sit through me cutting his hair. The girls wish they could be so lucky...

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