Sunday, February 7, 2010

valentine's day flowers

If you know me at all, you know that I am not a big fan of candy. So Valentine's Day and Halloween are horrible holidays in my opinion, and Easter isn't far behind, in the amount of candy my kids get. But this year I caved in and decided to make these cute lollypop flowers for Katie to give out at her class's V-day party! I got the idea from Disney's "Family Fun Magazine" and the flowers were super easy to make. Here are some pictures of the work in progress and the final result. The pics aren't the best, but hopefully you'll get the idea. I wasn't thinking when I took these pictures at midnight, that I should probably keep the flash on. Tired brains and picture taking don't mix. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Cut out all your leaves, flower petals (3 hearts) and flower centers
(2 patterned pieces of paper)
Crease the hearts, then glue them together to make a petal.
Glue your leaves together as well, then glue the leaves to the hearts.
(You're meant to write "happy v-day, I love you" etc. on the leaves!)
A stack of flowers
Make sure you put your hole in the middle!
The flower centers need holes too!
Stick the pop down the through the middle of everything!
(The example was shown with dum dums,
but I could only fine tootsie roll pops.)
All done! Very colorful!

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Hope said...

what a clever idea! thanks for sharing