Monday, February 15, 2010

Ballet Magnificat! Omega Performance

Thanks to the many volunteers and a few months of hard work, the Ballet Magnificat! Omega performance of Hiding Place was a huge success Saturday night and was performed to a sold out auditorium of 465 seats! God really blessed the effort put in by all and there have been many emails asking when they can come back! Enjoy some pictures of the evening!

A whole bunch of tickets!

Poster and ticket book ready to go!

The ladies of Ballet Magnificat! Omega

The lovely table Sherry Gorman set!
Sherry and all the ladies worked very hard on meals
and the dancers were very impressed telling
Sherry it was the best food they've had!

Set up time!

Warm up


Sharing the gospel!
Erin Beaver, tour director extraordinaire!
She is an excellent speaker and it was a blessing to hear her share!


Kate said...


I'm SO glad it went so well! What an enormous job! Well done! And praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!

sherrie vick said...

And the Grown up little girl help those other grown up little girls who dreamed of dancing in a ballet remember their dreams too. And got to experiance ballet again in this small remote town with unbeleivers who got to hear the gosple. And we all prayed that lives would be changed. Thank you Brynn