Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4th of july 2014

We had a very relaxed 4th.  Spent some time at the pool.  Took naps!  BBQ'd some hotdogs.  And then we decided to brave the crowds and check out the fireworks up the street.  Since we'd never been there before and weren't sure if the show would be any good, rather than get tied up in major traffic at the actual venue, we sat across the street in the grocery store parking lot.  I've never sat in a parking lot, on the small grass area next to the cart return, to watch fireworks before.  There is a first time for everything though.  The show was awesome and surprisingly very loud.   Finn had to sit in the car with Jason for about half of it.  Good thing we didn't park far away....

Next year we might try the fireworks downtown again.  And we can re-introduce the kids to another first, the smell of marijuana.  Oh Austin.

Thankful for the low key, non pot smelling, first time 4th we had this year!

The big kids jumping in together

Finn, jumping in, doing his own thang


Finn feeling braver

My version of wearing red, white and blue


Parking lot fireworks! 

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