Thursday, April 7, 2011

maternity pictures

I'm only 35 weeks pregnant, but I've been on bed rest the last couple of weeks (long story, I won't explain it all now) and I've been told to come with packed bags to all of my future midwife appointments - so Jason and I thought it would be wise to get some maternity pictures done now, rather than wait since baby could come earlier than expected.

I pulled up a few web sites that had poses I liked and we did our best to mimic them.  My only original ideas were to take some pictures on our bed and they sort of turned out.  It's hard to get 3 kids to look natural and relaxed when you're taking pictures with a timer.  It was a lot of setting things up and moving furniture around and I'm sooo looking forward to having someone else take newborn pictures!  My good friend Brandie takes fabulous pics and we've already "reserved" her services once baby arrives!  You can check out her site here- Busy B Photography

Here are some of the best shots of the day....

I like how these family shots came out, except for the angle of my body... 'cause it looks like my belly is huge and hangs over my legs kinda funny....

We wanted Liam to do this, but he refused, so Evie happily took his place!

Liam did however want to compare belly buttons!

I need to re-edit this one eventually. I wanted to erase a few of the stretch marks that were unsightly and it came out looking a little too smooth!

My favorite!


Amy said...

Beautiful pictures Brynn! You look amazing!

Arrington Family News said...

Love them! My favorite is the one of Liam and you comparing belly buttons! Too sweet!