Monday, April 19, 2010

oscar follow up

Ok, I said that I'd update a few days after the Oscar ceremony to tell everyone how I did and if I won. Well, I lost. By 1. No, by 2. I got 15 out of 24 correct and the winner I was told got 16 out of 24. It's taken me weeks to blog as I have been processing and working through my loss and feelings of grief. No, not really- I'm kidding. Though honestly, I was pretty disappointed I didn't win- again. I changed a lot of my choices the day before I submitted my ballot and if I had just stuck with what I had picked, rather than panic and change tons of things, I would have won with ohhhh, something like 23 out of 24. I was kicking myself through the entire telecast. I felt somewhat better that a few of my choices (that ended up not winning) were the same as the guys who write for Entertainment Weekly and the LA Times, etc. They get paid for picking the winners. They have to feel even stupider than I. So this year, I will now have to pay to attend the movies. Just like everyone else.

I also said that I'd blog about the winners, so here's my break down of who I chose and who ended up winning and what I think about that.

Best picture
My pick- Inglourious Basterds
Who won- The Hurt Locker

Ok this was an epic fail. I "thought" too hard about how the new voting system would work and I bombed. This was one of my last minute changed answers.

Best actor
My pick- Jeff Bridges
Who won- Jeff Bridges


Best actress
My pick- Sandra Bullock
Who won- Sandra Bullock

Yea again.

Best supporting actor
My pick- Christoph Waltz
Who won- Christoph Waltz

Well, at least I'm getting the actors right.

Best supporting actress
My pick- Mo'Nique
Who won- Mo'Nique

4 out of 4 is good.

Best director
My pick- Kathryn Bigelow
Who won- Kathryn Bigelow

That was amazing. First woman ever to win the best director Oscar. She looked really nervous.

Best animated feature
My pick- Up
Who won- Up

That one was the easiest choice.

Best foreign language film
My pick- The White Ribbon
Who won- The Secret in Their Eyes

This is a case of one film winning a bunch of awards all year and then not winning the Oscar. I never saw either film. Probably never will.

Best screenplay (original)

My pick- Inglourious Basterds

Who won- The Hurt Locker

IB should have won. Period.

Best screenplay (adapted)

My pick- Up in the Air

Who won- Precious

What the heck? Where did that come from?

Best music (original score)

My pick- Up

Who won- Up


Best music (original song)

My pick- The Weary Kind

Who won- The Weary Kind

I listened to 30 seconds of the songs I could on iTunes. Glad I did.

Best art direction

My pick- Avatar

Who won- Avatar

YES! (sigh...)

Best cinematography

My pick- The Hurt Locker

Who won- Avatar

This was on of those winners that those paid people were probably upset about too.

Best costume design

Brynn's pick- The Young Victoria

Who won- The Young Victoria

So glad.

Best documentary (feature)

My pick- The Cove

Who won- The Cove

Well at least I got one "artsy" film right...

Best documentary (short subject)

My pick- China's Unnatural Disaster

Who won- Music by Prudence

Bummer. But I enjoyed watching the 2 producers fight it out to who gets to speak. The Academy only lets one producer from each movie actually talk.

Best film editing

Brynn's pick- The Hurt Locker

Who won- The Hurt Locker

You're probably sitting there thinking- why didn't she stay with her original pick for Best Pic for The Hurt Locker? Well, right about now during the ceremony I was thinking that too.

Best makeup

My pick- Star Trek

Who won- Star Trek

Can a person get all the "little" awards correct and still win?

Best short film (animated)

My pick- A Matter of Loaf and Death

Who Won- Logorama

Turns out it took ten years to make. They probably won on that fact alone.

Best short film (live action)

My pick- The Door

Who won- The New Tenants

Again, the movie that wins most other awards doesn't necessarily win the Oscar.

Best sound editing

My pick- Avatar

Who won- The Hurt Locker

This really surprised me.

Best sound mixing

My pick- Avatar

Who won- The Hurt Locker

And it was with this one being announced, I knew my ship had sunk.

Best visual effects

My pick- Avatar

Who won- Avatar


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